Reformatted Scriptures

D&C sampleThis was originally a private effort to create a set of scriptures for my personal use. After others asked for copies, I decided to share it with everyone.

The goal is to make the scriptures easier to use. These versions have been reformatted with wider margins so there is room for notes, paragraphs instead of verses so the text flows better, and visually suppressed verse and chapter numbering so the reference marks don’t interfere with the message.

The text of the 1981 edition is in the main body and has not been changed. Where there have been textual changes from earlier editions and manuscripts, it is indicated by notes in the margins.

Electronic Copies

You can download a PDF of the current versions of the scriptures here:

The Book of Mormon PDF
Doctrine and Covenants PDF

Printed Copies

Printed copies can be obtained from Lulu Press. These use the PDFs above and are printed on 8.5″x11″ paper, spiral bound, with black cardstock covers. They lay flat when open, making it easy to study and take notes.

The Book of Mormon is $18 and the Doctrine and Covenants is $14. Shipping is extra. This is not a money-making venture for me. You’re free to take the PDF to any printer you like – this is the best value I have found so far.

Order the printed Book of Mormon
Order the printed Doctrine and Covenants  



If you have examples of better page layout, other documents from church history that could be added, different ways of grouping verses, or other suggested changes, please share them. You can email me directly at measuring.doctrine followed by

Next Steps

After people see these versions, I’m usually asked, “What about the Bible?”. It’s a daunting task – but I’m doing it nevertheless. I’m experimenting with how to include the JST/Inspired Version changes while still keeping the KJV verse numbers. I hope to have the New Testament complete in the first half of 2019. I plan to then work on the Old Testament, probably in three sections. The whole Bible is currently over 1,500 pages, and doing the detailed editing and formatting is going to be a huge effort. Be patient.