The Iron Rod Podcast

It seems like everybody who is somebody has a podcast these days. Which makes me a nobody…until now!

Watcher from the One Who Is Watching blog, Searcher from the One Who Is Searching blog, and I have decided to collaborate on a podcast. Over the past few months we’ve gotten together both in person and electronically to discuss our various interests and projects, share experiences and ideas, and enjoy each other’s fellowship. We have each been strengthened by this and want to be able to share that with others who may feel like they are a stranger in a strange land.

Our intent is to focus on the word of God and the various things we learn from it. Each of us has specific areas of interest which we will focus on from time to time, but the overarching goal is to focus on the scriptures and foster a sense of community.

For our first podcast, we chose the topic “Searching the scriptures”. You can listen to it here.

Eventually we will get this loaded onto official podcast sites like iTunes to make listening easier. Until then, we will each post the podcasts on our blogs.

Please send us your feedback. We’d love to hear what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to hear in the future.

7 thoughts on “The Iron Rod Podcast

  1. Awesome, can’t wait to hear it! I love podcasts because I drive so much. The problem is that it’s always about different faiths because LDS “Scholars” are almost nonexistent.


  2. I listened to the podcast and found it very informative. I am avid readers of all three of your blogs already. I particularly found the concept of tying repentance to the use of the scriptures. Varying from a little (reading) to more (study) and greater (searching).

    I find that what I wish for now is a complete library of original documents all captured in pdf and searchable in a database which can be selectively searched based on certain criteria, e.g., historical docs, oracles of Joseph Smith Jr., etc.

    We have such a wealth of sources it is actually an overwhelming job. Also, because I come from the RLDS, out scriptures are different in content and in chaptering and versification. This requires constant work of getting scripture references translated back and forth from LDS/RLDS.

    It would be a great project to create such a library of documents with a database engine that could search the entire or selected portions of the library and to provide assistance with the rendering of scripture citations in either the LDS or RLDS formats.


    1. Perhaps we have some readers that have the computer skills to help pull something like that together. There is a lot of information spread out in many different locations – having it all easily accessible and searchable would be amazing.


  3. Hello, I am not sure where to comment and ask a question when I am listening to the podcast so I will post my question here……… reference to the Lectures on Faith Podcast…………..In John 1:8 it states that no one had seen God. All other peoples and prophets (in biblical times) who claim to have seen God it was in the form of a vision, or were actually angles or an object (burning bush) or just hearing….except for Adam. Do I have that correct?….and if so then how did some random guy at the Morley Farm ( I believe ) see Both the Father and Son? This one is confusing to me.


    1. Hi Debbie. I now have comments and a Contact Us page set up on

      Would you mind posting this question over there as a comment to Episode 005? It’s a good question and I’d like to make sure it gets attached to the episode.


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